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Legal tech reading list

I was recently asked what I would suggest reading to ‘get into’ legal tech. It’s a good question – but I think slightly wrong-headed. You’ll ‘get into’ legal tech by ‘doing’ it not by reading it. Books are great (shoulders of giants, etc.), but where the aim is to do a thing, there’s no substitute […]

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How to get into ‘legal tech’

Lots of recent conversations have made me think it would be helpful to collect my thoughts on how to ‘get into legal tech’. I think some context is needed though before we get to ‘how’ part of this: what do I mean by legal tech; why get into legal tech; what do people doing legal […]


How do you stay up to date?

One of my favourite interview questions is to ask people how they stay up to date. I have never heard what I consider a good answer. Smart, successful, well educated, people – but it seems they have a poor information diet. I am setting out my approach this to try to help people improve here […]